Bible Verses about Music

Bible Verses about Music
Bible Verses about Music from the Holy Bible. This section contains a great collection of Bible Verses about Music taken from the books and individual verses of the Old Testament and the New Testament from the Bible. The Bible Verses about Music
provides easy free, online access to various Bible verses containing help and guidance about various everyday topics and subjects including Music. Study Bible verses about Music contained in the books and verses of the scripture and allow the words and text to help with the problems of life in the modern world. Bible Verses about Music bring modern relevance to  the comforting words and verses found in the Holy Bible. Bible verses about Music will help with Bible Study, Sunday School lessons and Biblical studies. 

Bible Verses about Music

Inspiring Scripture Verses about Music

Genesis 31:27 "Why didn't you tell me, so I could send you away with joy and singing to the music of tambourines and harps?

I Chronicles 9:33 "Those who were musicians, heads of Levite families, stayed in the rooms of the temple and were exempt from other duties because they were responsible for the work day and night."

I Chronicles 15:16 "David told the leaders of the Levites to appoint their brothers as singers to sing joyful songs accompanied by musical instruments, lyres, harps and cymbals."

I Chronicles 23:5 "Four thousand are to be gatekeepers and four thousand are to praise the Lord with the musical instruments I have provided for that purpose."

II Chronicles 7:6 "The priests took thier positions as did the Levites with the Lord's musical instruments, which King David had made for praising the Lord and which were used when he gave thanks, saying, 'His love endures forever,' Opposite the Levites, the priests blew their trumpets, and all the Israelites were standing."

II Chronicles 23:13 "The officers and the trumpeters were beside the king and all the people of the land were rejoicing and blowing trumpets and singers with musical instruments were leading the praises."

II Chronicles 34:12 "The Levites--all who were skilled in playing musical instruments--had charge of the laborers and supervised all the workers from job to job. Some of the Levites were secretaries, scribes and doorkeepers."

II Chronicles 35:15 "The musicians, the descendants of Asaph, were in the places prescribed by David, Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun the king's seer."

Job 21:12 "They sing to the music of tamborine and harp; they make merry to the sound of the flute."

Psalm 27:5-6 "For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of His tabernacle and set me high upon a rock. Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me; at His tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the Lord."

Psalm 33:2-3 "Praise the Lord with the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre. Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy."

Psalm 45:8 "All Your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia; from palaces adorned with ivory and music of the strings makes you glad."

Psalm 57:7 "My heart is steadfast, O God. My heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music. Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. I will praise you, O Lord among the nations. I will sing of You among the peoples.

Psalm 68:24-26 "Your procession has come into view, O God, the procession of my God and King into the sanctuary. In front are the singers, after them the musicians, with them are the maidens playing tambourines. Praise God in the great congregations; praise the Lord in the assembly of Israel."

Psalm 81:1,2 "Sing for joy to God our strength; Shout aloud to the God of Jacob! Begin the music, strike the tambourine, play the melodious harp and lyre. Sound the ram's horn at the new moon and when the moon is full, on the day of our feast.

Psalm 87:7 "Singers and dancers alike say, 'All my springs are in You.' "

Psalm 92:1 "It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O most High, to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night, to the music of the ten-stringed lyre and the melody of the harp. For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at the works of Your hands."

Psalm 95:2 "Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song."

Psalm 98:4-5 "Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music; make music to the Lord with the harp, with the harp and the sound of singing, with the trumpets and the blast of the ram's horn...shout for joy before the Lord...the King."

Psalm 108:1-3 "My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing and make music with all my soul. Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. I will praise You, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of You among the peoples."

Psalm 144:9 "I will sing a new song to You, O God; on the ten-stringed lyre I will make music to You, to the One who gives victory to kings, who delivers his servant David from the deadly sword."

Psalm 147:1 "Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him."

Psalm 147:7 "Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; make music to our God on the harp."

Psalm 149:3 "Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with tambourine and harp."

Isaiah 30:32 "Every stroke the Lord lays on them with His punishing rod will be to the music of tambourines and harps, as He fights them in battle with the blows of His arm."

Lamentations 4:14 "The elders are gone from the city gate; the young men have stopped their music. Joy is gone from their hearts."

Judges 5:3 "Hear this you kings! Listen, you rulers! I will sing to the Lord, I will sing, I will make music to the Lord, the God of Israel." (Song of Deborah)

Ezekiel 26:13 "I will put an end to your noisy songs and the music of your harps will be heard no more."

Ezekiel 33:32 "And lo, thou art unto them as a very lovely song of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument; for they hear Thy words, but they do them not." (practice God's Word)

Daniel 3:5 "As soon as you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipes, and all kinds of music, you must fall down and worship the image of gold that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up."

Amos 5:23 "Away with the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps."

Amos 6:5 "Who sing idly to the sound of stringed instruments, And invent for yourselves musical instruments like David;"

Habakkuk 3:19 "The Sovereign Lord is my strength; He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to go on the heights. For the director of music. On my stringed instruments."

Luke 15:24-25 "So they began to celebrate. Meanwhile, the older son was in the field when he came near the house, he heard music and dancing."

Ephesians 5:19 "Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, sing and make music in your hears to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Revelation 18:22 "Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: 'With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again. The music of harpists and musicians, flute players and trumpeters, will never be heard in you again."


Inspiring Scripture Verses about Music

Bible Verses about Music
Scripture Verses about Music. Our selection of Bible verses about Music
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Bible Verses about Music

Bible Verses about Music

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Bible Verses about Music

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